Closing words


After 7 years of existence, 4 years part time and 3 years full time, Jeudi Douze stops its activity by the end of May 2016. In a few weeks, I’ll be joining a Roche to help develop better experience for patients.

From now on, Jeudi Douze will be a platform behind some innovative design projects. Our first one is  Comète Toys Company, “wooden toy cars with options”, that you can follow on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterst. This project has been chosen to be coached by Creative Hub. We look forward for the further developments with them, to bring our cars on the market.

I want to address my thanks to my clients, for the great projects and the great relationship we’ve had. To my family, specially my wife, and our two daughter who came along, for this 7-years journey and adventure together.

Farewell and take care,
Rémy Kohler

Basel, May 3, 2016